Key facts

How many...

Number of seats 34,500
Number of public seats
(non-members, non-boxes)
Number of covered seats 24,000
Number of corporate boxes 64
Bowl site size 48,000 sq m
Number of piles 410
Roof size 12,000 sq m
Height from arena to roof 26 metres
Height of light tower 55 metres
Length from end to end 235 metres
Width west to east 185 metres
Width of pitch (widest point) 121 metres
Length of pitch (widest point) 141 metres
Number of turnstiles 43
Number of escalators 2
Number of goods lifts 2
Number of toilet pans 383
Number of urinals 275
Number of television sets 270
Food and beverage outlets 15
Mobile beverage outlets 9
Northern replay screen 84 sq m
Southern replay screen 52 sq m
Length of the concourse 650 metres
Width of the concourse 14 metres
Length of walkway to rail station 680 metres
Emergency Evacuation time 8 minutes
Carparks on site 850
Staff numbers on event days 400-1000
Staff numbers on non-event days 25-50

The Turf

  • 7,930 tonnes of sand went into making the pitch.
  • 2,800 tonnes of drainage gravel was used.
  • 900 kilograms of grass seed was used with 3 different type of grass seed - 2 rye grass and 1 creeping fescue.
  • 1200kg of fertiliser was used.
  • The density of the pitch is 1.4-1.5 gms per cm3
  • The pitch is mowed daily.
  • The height of the grass for rugby is 20-25mm.
  • The height of the grass for cricket is 12-13mm.
  • There are 56 pop-up sprinklers in the pitch.
  • The field is watered every second day
  • Patamahoe clay was used for the wicket.
  • Portable wickets are used for all cricket games.
  • The portables are 260 mm deep.
  • 25-28% is the optimum moisture content for cricket.
  • Cricket boundary: from centre of wicket is 65.7m west, 57.8m east. From batting crease; north hitting south is 77.3m and south hitting north is 78m.
  • If a ball is hit from centre wicket to outside the ground, the distance it travels is 98 metres.
  • The gradient of the grassed oval is 300 mm elevation from centre to edge.
  • The goal posts are 15 metres high.
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