Viewing layout for: Armageddon

Helpful information to find out where your seat is located. 

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Armageddon seating layout.

There is no event-specific seating layout for this event.

The generic seating layout for the Stadium is being displayed.

Disclaimer: Please note that seating charts reflect the general layout for this venue at this time. Specific seat locations may vary and stage position may change without notice.


Using the turnstiles

  • Entry to the Stadium is through turnstiles which read the barcode printed on your ticket
  • Each person, including children, must carry their own ticket through the turnstile
  • If you have paper tickets please make sure that these have been separated

To operate

  • Hold your ticket or pass with the barcode facing forwards and upwards
  • Put your ticket or pass into the scanner slot on the front of the turnstile and pull it out immediately
  • When the light goes green, press against the barrier arm and enter the stadium

Quick easy steps as follows:

  • Barcode up
  • Ticket in
  • Ticket out
  • Green light
  • Walk through

How to find your seat

  • Check your ticket.  If you are in aisles 1 to 18 take the left side turnstiles. If your ticket is 19 to 36 take the right side turnstiles. These are the most direct route to your seat.
  • The rows run from A to Z above you and from AA to NN below you and all the seats are individual and clearly numbered.
  • Each ticket has an aisle number, a row letter and a seat number eg. Aisle 9, Row N, Seat 302. From the concourse, look for the entry tunnel with your aisle number.
  • Patrons emerge in the seating bowl at Row A. The rows run A to Z above you and AA to NN below you.
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