Westpac Stadium came to life in 2000 at a waterfront site in the heart of the city. See how it all began with our historic timeline leading up to where we are today.


Design Managers and Main Contractors: Fletcher Construction Ltd
Architects: Architecture Warren & Mahoney Ltd, Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture
Project Managers: Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their vital funding support which helped make the Stadium a reality: 

  • Wellington Regional Council and Wellington regional ratepayers

  • Wellington City Council and Wellington city ratepayers

  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board

  • The Community Trust of Wellington

  • Deloitte Club Members

  • Stadium Corporate Box Holders

Construction facts

  • The Stadium is one of the biggest pre-cast concrete construction jobs undertaken in New Zealand using 4,000 lightweight concrete units cast in Otaki and New Plymouth and trucked to Wellington.
  • It is the most 'craned' construction job ever undertaken by Fletchers - more even than the big hydro construction projects in the South Island.
  • The lightweight concrete used is 20% to 30% lighter than ordinary concrete. The largest units still weighed up to 35 tonnes.
  • The project employed 250 construction staff on site and a further 230 off site.
  • About 18,000 cubic metres (5000 truck loads) of concrete were used in total.
  • Also used were 1590 tonnes of structural steel, 2700 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 250,000 concrete blocks.
  • Construction crews installed 3.5 kilometres of fencing, barriers and handrails.
  • Electricians installed 4.9 kilometres of electrical cabling.
  • The Stadium has no posts or poles to obstruct the view and every seat is angled to look toward the middle.
  • The roof has an aerofoil vane on the leading edge to help hold the roof in place and calm and filter the wind on the arena surface.
  • The number of toilets far exceeds the building code.
  • The building "footprint" covers almost 1.8 hectares.
  • The grassed oval itself covers 16,162 square metres.
  • Night events are lit by 392, 2000 watt globes mounted in four lighting towers.
  • The Stadium cost $130 million to build. The finance came from:
    • Wellington Regional Council: 25$M
    • Wellington City Council: 15$M
    • Grants and Donations: 7$M
    • Fundraising: 50$M
    • ANZ Bank Loan: 33$M