Annual reports and information on the people behind the scenes for the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust.


The Wellington City Council and Wellington Regional Council established the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust (WRST) under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, to be responsible for the planning, development, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance of the Stadium as a multi-purpose sporting and cultural venue. The Trust is also registered as a charity with the Charities Commission (#CC10754).

The Trust reports back to both Councils and holds an Annual General meeting which is open to the public (usually in October of each year).

The Trust has a Board of Trustees appointed by the two Councils. The current Trustees are:

  • John Shewan (Chair)
  • Tracey Bridges 
  • Steven Fyfe
  • Simon Marsh
  • Mark McGuinness
  • Rachel Taulelei
  • Dame Therese Walsh
  • David Ogden

Staff of the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust include the following:

  • Chief Executive Officer - Shane Harmon
  • Chief Operating Officer - Linda Rieper
  • Facilities Manager - David Royer 
  • Finance Manager - Katherine Andersen
  • Sales & Marketing Manager - Clare Elcome
  • Operations Manager - Mathew Hellyer
  • Membership & Corporate Box Manager - Sarah Barker
  • Turf Manager - Hagen Faith


In September each year, the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust publishes its annual report incorporating the audited financial statements of the Trust. A summary of the Economic Benefit studies done on the building of the Stadium is also included.

 Annual Report 2018

 Annual Report 2017


Since 2012, Westpac Stadium has been delivering a programme of upgrades to the venue and facilities. These works allow the Stadium to maintain its position as one of New Zealand’s preeminent venues. 

Elements completed to date include:

  • New changing rooms 
  • Upgraded media facilities 
  • Renovation of the Level 3 Members Clubroom 
  • Construction of the Mezzanine Lounge on the public concourse 
  • Full turf replacement
  • Installation of free high-density public Wi-Fi

The Stadium is currently undergoing renovations to the public concourse area, replacing some of the exterior cladding with windows to let in more natural light and views of the waterfront and city, along with a facelift to the food and beverage outlets.