Event Planning

Sometimes planning a successful, memorable event can be daunting. We provide a checklist to give you a helping hand.

What is the desired outcome of the function?

  • List the key objectives of your function
  • List how you will measure the success of the function

What resources do you have?

  • What is your budget?
  • Who is available to help you organise the function?

Function date

  • Consider school holidays, Easter etc
  • Consider weather conditions
  • Find out what other events are on to avoid low attendance
  • Look at significant work related dates such as year end


  • Book your venue first to ensure that you get your preferred venue
  • Work backwards from your function date to ensure that all the tasks get completed


  • Consider maximum and minimum numbers of guests
  • How will you invite the guests and ensure that they are kept informed of the necessary function details?

Know your venue

  • Determine how much space you'll need (plenary room, breakouts, separate catering room)
  • Talk to the venue function coordinator of your requirements and let them advise you on the best possible room/s
  • If circumstance allows, always conduct a site visit of the venue. This will give you a better idea of the space you're working with and will give you a feel of the venue

List your requirements

  • Seating style (theatre, boardroom, classroom etc)
  • Audio Visual equipment (will you hire AV or use your own?)
  • Catering - remember dietary requirements
  • Catering style: will your guests be standing to eat or sitting?
  • Create a run sheet for your function with times.
  • Do you require the room to be themed?
  • Will there be drinks and nibbles at the function?
  • What are your pack in and out times?
  • Do you need name tags?
  • Do you need a registration desk?

Confirm final details

  • A week before the function, confirm final attendance numbers and details with the venue
  • Send out a reminder to all attendees about the function